Jazz 3G Internet Packages, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Mobilink 3g Packages

Jazz 3g, Internet Packages, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Details of Jazz 3g Internet Packages are provided on three different levels;

  • Daily Basis
  • Weekly basis
  • Monthly basis

The price of which of course differs based on the data provided. All Jazz 3g Packages are designed to provide effective and efficient usage of internet

Further, these are divided between the demands for different usage like

  • Social networking and browsing

Jazz 3G Packages

Mobilink Daily 3G packages; daily internet packages are designed to meet up the demand of daily internet usage. Charges are exempted from the balance on a daily basis. These packages get unsubscribed if the balance is below the limit. Some of the packages for daily usage include;

Mobilink 3g Daily social; social media usage is most common among mobile phone users, and among the social media, Whatsapp and Facebook are the most common ones. So this is the package which provides 50 MB internet for these two applications.

Mobilink 3g Daily Browser; this is a general package which provides 50 MB internet for browsing of any sort. It can be used for YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, email accounts, snap chat, etc. It is not limited to any one application but shall be used for all.


Validity Charges No. of Mbs Subscription Code

Daily Social

24hrs Rs.7 (incl. Tax) 50


 Daily Browser 24hrs Rs. 12 (Incl. Tax) 50


3 Days Extreme; this is a package for late night internet users, it gives you 500 MB of the internet for all night for three days in just Rs.18. It is the most affordable internet packages for late night users. 500 MBs of the internet are more than enough for one night.

3 Days Browser; it is also all night package. But only gives you 100 MB of the internet for 3 days. It is most effective for just the internet browsing.


Validity Charges Data Volume

Subscription Code

3 Day Extreme

3 Days ( 2am – 2pm) Rs.18 (incl. Tax) 500 *114*14#
 Daily Browser 3 Days Rs. 25 (Incl. Tax) 100


Weekly packages; weekly packages keep you away from the worry of daily package subscription and balance exemption. You just need to subscribe every week and gets the internet package for good seven days. The weekly packages include;

Jazz Weekly Extreme; this is the internet package which gives you good 2500MB’s of the internet for a whole week between 2 am to 2 pm in just Rs.70. It is the smartest choice for package subscription if you are a late night sleeper and tends to get up late in the afternoon then this is the best choice for you.

Weekly Premium; this is a general package without any time constraint. It gives you straight 1000 MB of the internet for the whole week in just rupees 110.

Jazz Weekly Streamer; in just rupees 80 it gives you 500 MB of the internet for general browsing and an additional 200 MB internet specifically for Facebook, and WhatsApp use.

Jazz Weekly Browser; in rupees 55 it gives you 300 MB’s of the internet for a whole week. a This is the most suitable package for those who use less of the mobile data and more of the Wi-Fi internet.


Validity Charges Data Volume

Subscription Code

Weekly Extreme

7 Days ( 2am – 2pm) Rs.70 (incl. Tax) 7500 MBs *117*14#
 Weekly Premium 7 Days Rs. 110 (Incl. Tax) 100 MBs *117*47#
Weekly Streamer 7 Days Rs. 80 (Incl. Tax) 500 MBs + 200 MBs for Facebook & WhatsApp *117*7#
Weekly Browser 7 Days Rs. 55 (Incl. Tax) 300 MBs


Mobilink 3G Monthly Packages: Monthly internet packages give you comfort for the whole month. Jazz 3g Packages may seem expensive than other packages, but they are much cheaper when compared to daily and weekly packages. They also save you from the worry of again and again subscription of packages. The best monthly packages include;

  • Monthly browser; it gives you 2000 MB of the internet the in just rupees 160. It is one of the cheapest packages to be used for the whole month
  • Monthly streamer; it gives you 3GB of internet for the whole month in rupees 270
  • Monthly premium; get 6GB of internet in just 500 rupees for the whole month
  • Monthly supreme; on subscription get 8000 MB of the internet in just rupees 800 for 30 days.


Validity Charges Data Volume Subscription Code

Monthly Extreme

30 Days ( 2am – 2pm) Rs.125 (incl. Tax) 5000 MBs *117*34#

Monthly Premium

30 Days Rs. 500 (Incl. Tax) 6 GB *117*30#

Monthly Streamer

30 Days Rs. 270 (Incl. Tax) 3000 MBs


Monthly Browser 30 Days Rs. 160 (Incl. Tax) 2000 MBs