Zong 4G Internet Packages | Daily, Weekly, Monthly Bundles

Zong 3g 4g Packages

Zong 4G Internet Packages, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Social Bundles

Zong is offering 3g and 4g internet Packages. Zong is emerging Telecommunication cellular network in Pakistan that works in close collaboration with China. Zong has not been around for a long time, but in a short time span, it has managed to make a very positive reputation for itself in the hearts of Pakistani users. The one thing that Zong 3G packages for the internet are most famous for is its strong connection and high-speed zong 4G internet. Zong internet works even in places and areas where no other connection even catches signals. So this is a highlight of Zong network. In this article, we bring you the top hourly, weekly and monthly Zong internet packages.

Zong 4G internet Packages

The good thing about Zong is that it accommodates to the varying needs of the customers by offering them a wide range of different internet packages to make a selection.

Zong Daily internet Packages

  • The basic daily package is available for a reasonable price of 15 rupees inclusive tax. Users can enjoy the internet for up to 24 hours with auto-expiry.
  • Daily data max package provides unlimited internet for 24 hours at only 35 rupees including tax. This package is valid for one one day as well.
Packages Validity Charges Data Volume
Basic Daily 1 Day Rs. 15+ Tax 100 MBs
Daily Data Max 1 Day Rs. 15+ Tax 500 MBs

Zong Weekly internet Packages

  • Zong weekly premium package is available for seven days at only 70 rupees. With a fair usage policy, you can enjoy seamless internet streaming and web browsing for seven
  • The weekly super package is available for seven days at only 100 rupees. Along with online streaming and internet browsing, you get a chance to enjoy unlimited Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook for free all week!


Packages Validity Charges Data Volume
Weekly Premium 7 Days Rs. 70+ Tax 700 MBs
Super Weekly 7 Days Rs. 100+ Tax 2 GB

Zong 4G Monthly internet Packages 

  • Monthly mini 150 package is available for all users who only want to browse on the internet at only 50 rupees.
  • Monthly basic 500 allows users to enjoy the online activity for only 150 rupees for 30 days.
  • The monthly premium 2 GB package is available at Rs.300 inclusive of tax. It provides users access to the free high-speed internet for 30 days.
  • The monthly premium 6 GB package is available for only Rs.600 for 30 days. This package comes with free Facebook and WhatsApp usage from 1 am to 9 am


Packages Validity Charges Data Volume
Monthly Mini 150 30 Days Rs. 50+ Tax 150 MBs
Monthly Basic 500 30 Days Rs. 150+ Tax 500 MBs
Monthly Premium 2GB 30 Days Rs. 300+ Tax 2GB
Monthly Premium 6GB 30 Days Rs. 600+ Tax 6GB + free nights (1GB FUP) 1am to 9am/Daily
Monthly Premium 10GB 30 Days Rs. 1800+ Tax 10 GB

Bundle Offers

Unlike any other cellular network, Zong offers you a chance to choose from different internet data bundle offers as well. These Zong 3G internet bundles offer users a chance to subscribe to the internet only for a specific purpose.

  • The Mega social pack is a bundle offer that provides users free internet MBs to enjoy unlimited Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for fair usage in 24 hours. It activates on only 10 rupees plus tax.
  • With online shopping, a major trend, the classified data bundle is bliss for all online shoppers! They can now subscribe to the internet to use Daraz, Kaymu and Lamudi shopping sites for 24 hours at only 5 rupees plus tax.

Social Daily

The social daily bundle offers are for users who want to subscribe to the internet only to use social accounts.

  • Facebook data bundle for 24 hours cost 5 rupees.
  • WhatsApp data bundle for 24 hours cost 15 rupees.
  • Twitter data bundle for 24 hours cost 2 rupees.
Packages Validity Charges Data Volume
Social Pack (Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter) 1 Day Rs. 10+ Tax 100 MBs
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi) 1 Day Rs. 5+ Tax 50 MBs
Facebook Daily 1 Day Rs. 5+ Tax 50 MBs
Whatsapp Daily 1 Day Rs15+ Tax 300 MBs
Twitter Daily 1 Day Rs. 2+ Tax 20 MBs

Package Activation Method

  • Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Data Usage Check

  • Dial *102#

Flat Rate

  • Flat rate is Re. 1/MB & will be charged as per the bundle expiry